About Urban Baba
Outfitting the Urban Baby

She may look a little young to be a grandma, but that hasn't stopped designer Kristin Bell from meeting the needs of new moms with her stylish but sensible Urban Baba line of baby clothing and accessories.

"Baba" is Russian for Grandma, which is really the heart and soul of the company. Crafted with a luxurious yet homemade sensibility, Urban Baba's line strives to offer parents something new and a little bit unique. Just like grandma would make!

A former pastry chef, Kristin Bell stopped whipping up cakes, and re-channeled her energies into whipping up children's wear and accessories for friends who were having babies. After all, that is what her Russian Grandma always did! This turned into a full time business, and Urban Baba's line of children's clothing was born.

Urban Baba & Co. strongly believes in supporting the work force in this country. All garments are manufactured in the United States, proudly, and with care.